Kawasaki NEW S1,S2,S3,KH250,KH400 Engine Oil Seal Set 22pcs w/Inner Crank Seals


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Each set comes with an oil pump rebuild kit.

Here we have a New FRESH OIL SEAL and O-ring kit for your classic triple Kawasaki S-series
(S1 250, S2 350, S3 400 / KH400)

We have tried to mix together the most searched oils seals in one kit.
Applications for the Transmission, Crank case, Crank shaft (inner and outer), oilpump and Covers.

** The inner crank seals will not fit the early crankshafts with only four bearings (applies to some early models, most of them are converted to six bearings)
*** The X-ring for oil pump cam shaft did early replace the first used U- or V ring, also called umbrella seal. The X-ring is exclusively made for this kit and is improved compared to the genuine  Kawasaki X-ring which in some cases could be a little tight.

If you have an oil leak on left or right side, it is probably one or more seals that is gone by wear and age.
The popular sprocket shaft seal and O-rings are included!
Remember to keep everything clean before and during the change of the seals.
Please use proper tools to pull out and drive in the seals to avoid damaging the seal surfaces or the seal

Fits all S series + KH250 and KH400.


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