Kawasaki NEW H2 750 Engine Oil Seal Set 23 pcs with Inner Crank


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Each set comes with an oil pump rebuild kit.

NEW fresh set of seals and 0rings for your H2 triple.

Applications for the Transmission, Crank case, Outer & inner Left/Right Crank shaft, oil pump and Covers.

If you have an oil leak on left or right side, it is probably one or more seals that is gone by wear and age.
The popular sprocket shaft seal and O-ring is included!

* For the H2C and other models with the genuine ball bearing clutch release, it could be conflict between the clutch release and push rod seal 92050-025. Check this out before assembling your engine. The 92050-070 for ball bearing clutch release is included in this kit.

** The X-ring for oil pump cam shaft  did replace the first U- or V ring, also called umbrella seal. The X-ring is exclusively made for this kit and is improved compared to the genuine  Kawasaki X-ring which in some cases could be a little tight. The X-ring has been tested on three oil pumps originally equipped with the umbrella seal and they all returned freely by the spring after assembly.

Remember to keep everything clean before and during the change of the seals.
Please use a proper tool for pulling out and driving in the seals.

According to the parts database, this should fit (But please double check for yourself

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