Kawasaki NEW Early H1 500 Engine Oil Seal Set 23pcs with Inner Crank Seals


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Each set comes with an oil pump rebuild kit.

New FRESH OIL SEAL and O-ring kit for your triple Kawasaki. Included with this set; OEM# Description qty Model 92050-024 Sprocket shaft seal 1 H1-all 92055-035 Sprocket shaft O-ring 1 H1-all 16091-001 Oil pump seal 1 H1-all 92049-004 Gear shaft seal 2 H1-all 92049-008 Distributor shaft 1 H1-early with CDI, or for the dummy shaft for early H1 without CDI 92054-004 Tachometer shaft seal 1 H1-all 92049-002 Kick shaft seal 1 H1-all 92050-025 Clutch push rod seal 1 H1-all 92050-052 Crank seal outer right 1 H1-all 92054-018 Crank seal inner right 1 H1-all 92054-017 Crank seal inner left 1 H1-all 95050-051 Crank seal outer left 1 H1-all 92055-018 Crankshaft collar O-ring 1 H1-all This set includes the inner crankshaft seals. This set covers H1 500(69-72)

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