Kawasaki H2, H1, S1, S2, S3, and KH Oil line check valve springs and balls


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Now available again – new springs to re-build your leaking Kawasaki oil injection line check valves for your triple cylinder 2-stroke Kawasaki motorcycles. I have been told that these ALSO work in some of the Suzuki 2 stroke motorcycles also.

 These springs are an improvement to the original OEM springs.

Even if you are not certain if you have oil line leaking problems, these new springs should provide some comfort level for you since the springs are new and “fresh”.

A major problem with the original springs is that they “weaken” over time and do not hold the pressure that they should. These springs have been tested during production to insure they provide the correct “blow-off” pressure as specified by Kawasaki for your oil injection system.

You can now finally replace your 40-50 year old springs with fresh, new ones.

From much investigation and testing, we have also discovered that it is a good idea to replace the stainless steel ball that the spring presses against at the same time as replacing the spring. This provides just that much more assurance that you will end up with a good seal in your check valve.

You are buying one “kit”. The kit consists of 3 new phosphor-bronze springs and 3 new stainless steel balls.

If you have the oil lines that are “serviceable” on your Kawasaki triple, these kits will help you make sure that you will not have to worry about oil seeping past your check valve and getting into the crankcase of your engine and causing your engine to “hydrolock” when you try to start it.

Please check your bike’s oil injection system and verify that your lines ARE serviceable and that you can disassemble the check valve in order to replace the spring. These are the same springs used in the check valves in the lines for the later Kaw. models that are not easily serviced in the event you want to try to rebuild those valves

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